The Kemgo Storefront provides all buyers and sellers access to all types of information from company information, product details, contacts, location and much more!

 What practical features does it have?

The Kemgo Storefront has many new features designed to give you the information that is important for you to find and interact with companies, ultimately making your company more successful (online).

Let's take a deeper dive:  

Product View aka the Product Catalogue

This view allows you and your company to list all of your products in one place. It is connected with your short profile. This makes it easier to connect with you and your company.

So how do you customize the product page of your short profile?

First off you need to put down the important details of your product. So create a list of your products. You can keep them as high-level and detailed as you like.
We do, however, suggest to fill in the following parameters:

  •  Applications of the product
  •  Type of product
  •  Locations
  •  Quantities
  •  Price
  •  Payment and shipping terms
  •  Basic specifications
  • and of course any additional notes that may help another member make a decision on the product


Another unique feature is our substitute product search. Arguably, sellers have the best information on their products and what alternatives there are out there. In Kemgo, sellers can link their products to alternative products increasing visibility and helping buyers make better buying decisions.

Important tip for sellers: We pride ourselves on bringing together solely vetted and reliable members. So in order for you to be able to add your products, you are asked to fill out some information on your products. This helps us categorize the products better, and allows buyers to find you more easily on our platform! And remember, by adding products to your custom page other members will know what you offer at any time!

About Us – aka your Profile

The second view is the About Us view.  This is where you create your own company profile. Like other social networks, this view allows you to individualize your appearance. And this is great for maximum online branding. So how should you go about customizing your profile?  Here a short list of things you can change: 

  •  Your Company name
  •  Your Logo
  •  Basic contact information
  •  Type of company
  •  Brief product/company profile
  •  Global business focus
  •  Certifications
  •  Registration of products
  •  Contacts per geography, product, etc.
  •  Location ( Add as many contact points by product or by geographic location as you need)
  •  Any other pieces of information that you think would be helpful to market your brand
  •  Specific fonts, colors to match your corporate identity
  • Include your management team/ update your management team.  As you know, it never hurts to know to which Sales Person you need to talk to
  •  Photos of your company


Location & Contact View

The Location and Contact view is designed to optimize your communications with other Kemgo members. It allows you to share up-to-date contact information so verified and registered Kemgo members can contact you to discuss a potential inquiry. But what exactly should you add in this section?

Here are a few things you can set and change at any given time:

  • Add your company's location on Google Maps so other members can see your location
  • Include the general contact details of your company, like website address
  • List individual and direct sales/ procurement contacts of your company. This will allow other members to immediately contact the right person in your organization and won’t blow up your information account. You can organize this as you like, so if you want to organize your contacts by region or product, you can!
  • Put down the details of Customer Service. It helps your clients on Kemgo to contact them directly if there is a problem


If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions you want to share with us, feel free to contact us using the contact form on the website or directly over the marketplace.

Enjoy customizing your own Storefront and discover all the features and benefits it offers!

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